New Genius

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Due to the technological evolution in the Automotive field, the communication is now more complex than it ever has been; special hardware platforms, comprehensive know-how and incessant new developments are required to handle this phenomenon. New Genius is the answer engineered by Dimsport to cope with all this: a stand alone device for the serial communication with the Engine Control Unit (ECU), supporting CAN-BUS, K/L-line (KWP), J1850 communication protocols. Through the vehicle OBDII socket or via specific diagnostic connectors, New Genius provides perfect solutions for all your ECU reading and programming tasks: a wide range of European, Asian and American vehicles are supported in a totally  controlled dedicated operating system. Nothing is left to chance, even the power level of the battery installed on the vehicle is monitored.  New Genius does not require connections to a personal computers or laptop for the management of the serial communication: thanks to the colour touch-screen panel and a powerful microprocessor, it has never been so simple and immediate to achieve programming operations of the vehicle stock ECU.

Dim Sport New Genius Tuning SLAVE Kit By ETP Solutions GmbH

Intuitive operations to maximize the ease of use: New Genius is a true asset for every tuner thanks to the impossibility to perform wrong operations. Detailed instructions appear on the screen and drive the tuner until the vehicle is programmed; moreover, a complete range of operating manuals provides additional information so to dissipate possible doubts (example: OBDII socket location). Highest safety standards for the most extensive reliability during working process: before programming the vehicle, New Genius verifies the size of the file and the checksum integrity/congruence. In addition, should the programming procedure be interrupted (example: connector unplugged), the device would recover the communication and automatically complete it. Several additional features integrate the conventional operations, like the possibility to reset faulty codes tied to the ECU programming, the reading and automatic writing of the injector settings, counters reset, etc. In order to meet and fulfil the assorted inquiries presented by the automotive professionals, New Genius has been conceived as a flexible device, configured to support a wide variety of vehicles: from a single, specific application to the most complete range of vehicles provided with engine control units, both 12v and 24v.


Dimsport provides its console with a standard OBDII socket; should this not be available an additional range of dedicated connectors would permit tuning operations via diagnostic socket on a wide range of vehicles. New Genius achieves the highest performances in combination with New Trasdata: should the ECU microprocessor (CPU) be locked with “anti-tuning” feature (blocking the OBDII tuning operations), a software patch realised by New Trasdata would allow to unlock the OBDII communication, which would therefore be restored and supported. New developments are constantly released to extend the range of vehicles supported by New Genius: an incessant improvement achieved thanks to the commitment of several groups of technicians and numerous partnerships. Subscriptions and upgrades to enhance its technical features are performed  through quick on-line updates. Not just a black box connecting the vehicle OBDII socket to a computer, but an independent device for serial reading and programming, practical and versatile. Why settling for a black box when you can have New Genius instead?



  • One year update of protocols for new cars via the Internet included in the price.
  • Optional future upgrades at the price of 600€ per year.
  • New Genius will continue operating even if do not pay updates.
  • Guarantee on each operation of reading and writing of the control unit, zero chance to do damage.
  • Reduced prices of the modified files than others who are not our installers.
  • Minimum wait to the development of the modified files (max 4 hours) than others who are not our installers.
  • Promotional items with our graphic to create business cards, flyers, plaques, stickers, etc.
  • Direct telephone support with our technicians for any problems.
  • Issuance of invoices of files modified on the 1st of the following month with 14 days to pay.
  • Insertion of your business on the map of our authorized installers.


With the purchase of New Genius will be able to offer these services, adding Trasdata you’ll work on 100% of the vehicle fleet.

Click here to download the compatible vehicles list with New Genius updated to 07/01/2016.