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Launch control


To start a vehicle have to “play” with the gas and clutch. In a departure at maximum performance (for example in a drag race), it is likely to overdo it and be with the tires slipping loses traction and therefore precious seconds. The launch control is a system that allows you to keep fully open the throttle and up to speed by giving a simple command (such as releasing the brake or push a button) instead of managing the delicate balance of gas and clutch. The unit will take care of controlling the engine speed, the throttle opening and the clutch, monitoring slips of the 4 wheels. The launch control, unlike the manual start, allows for more power and acceleration because it unlocks some functions in the control unit which are normally switched off, for example, it allows you to increase the turbo pressure when the vehicle is stationary (impossible for an original vehicle) and to set a rev-limiter that is different than the original one will be active up to a certain speed (typically 30 km / h) to then return the original.

how activate LAUNCH CONTROL?

The launch control is activated using the remapping of the ECU. It is available for vehicles with manual and automatic transmission, in the cars of the VAG group (Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda) with DSG automatic transmission is activated with the gearshift programming.